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Save Water with Green Earth Eco Towels

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The cost of laundering towels for a bed and breakfast or spa can be quite sizable -- particularly in Western states where water is scarce and priced accordingly. If you want to save on laundering and spare the Earth too, take a look at our Green Earth Eco Towels.

The eco-friendly towels are incredibly soft and stylish and help to lower one's carbon footprint without sacrificing texture and style. Meticulously crafted in a state-of-the-art facility, the superfine extra-long staple cotton helps reduce the impact on the environment. As a result, these towels are 160% thicker and more absorbent than traditional combed cotton towels. They use less water, less detergent, and less time.

2016-03-14 13:47:25

Spa Trend: Multi-Masking

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Categories: Towels , Trend , Spa

It may indeed be a New Year but there still doesn't seem to be enough time. One of the top spa treatment trends for 2016 is multi-MASKING... and it's exactly how it sounds. Spa guests undergo multiple masks simultaneously, so they may address different concerns on different parts of their face and neck -- all at once. While multi-masking may not necessarily be new to spas, it is one of the suddenly trendy things to do this year.


In fact, some brands are tapping into this trend by packaging products as "duos" that help balance this and reinvigorate that, whether you're targeting the t-zone and the forehead at the same time, or working with portions of a guest's lips, cheeks and neck.



Spas that don't presently multi-mask, could quickly incorporate the trend, if they'd like, by pairing products, doubling solutions, and working key terms into the descriptions of treatments.



For more information on multi-masking and other 2016 trends, click here.



PS - Remember to double up on towels, you're likely to need them!


2016-01-18 08:00:59

Eco-Friendly Holiday Season

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Categories: Towels , Spa , Bed and Breakfast

More than 26 million Christmas trees were cut last year for the holiday season, according to the National Christmas Tree Association. While real Christmas trees are biodegradable and can easily be reused or recycled for mulch or other purposes, a large amount of trees end up tossed with little regard. This holiday season, whether or not your inn or spa purchases a tree, there's another way you can help the environment (and in the process save some green).


Monarch Green Earth Eco Towels are incredibly soft and stylish without sacrificing texture and style. They are meticulously crafted in a state-of-the-art facility from superfine, extra-long stale, cotton. These towels use sustainable, eco-friendly, dyes and chemicals and are also used to help reduce the impact on the environment. As a result, these green towels are 160% thicker and more absorbent than traditional combed towels. They launder more efficiently -- needing less detergent and less time. And they help preserve the precious commodity of water which is a crucial consideration in some western states, like California, where water is becoming dangerously scarce. This holiday season, make it a win-win ... go green in more ways than one.



For additional information on Monarch Green Earth Eco Towels, click here.


2015-12-14 08:00:10

Should B&B Guests Reuse Their Towels?

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Across the country countless bed and breakfasts are asking guests to help reduce their carbon footprint by reusing their towels, when possible. We wondered: Does reusing a towel actually make a positive impact on the environment or is it simply reducing wear and tear, along with laundering time and cost?


Turns out, reusing towels makes a big difference on all fronts.



A report from the US Environmental Protection Agency shows that hotels and lodgings use 15-percent of the total amount of water that's used by commercial and institutional facilities in the country, according to National Geographic. And those facilities take close to a fifth (17-percent) of the water that's available from public water systems. Perhaps even more surprising is that laundry uses up the largest water supply at hotels.



So yes, asking guests to reuse a lightly used towel does make a significant impact on the environment.



Another way to make a contribution and positively affect your bottom line, is to use Green Earth Eco towels. These towels are sustainable, free from dyes and chemicals, and launder much more efficiently than other towels - needing 1/3 the time and a lot less detergent. They also help preserve the precious commodity of water, which is a crucial consideration in some western states, like California, where water is becoming dangerously scarce.



To learn more about Green Earth Eco towels call (413) 229-8200 or send us an email.


2015-10-19 08:05:03

SPA TREND: Pumpkin Facials

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If the sight of bright orange pumpkins remind you of crisp autumn days, you're not alone. Fall, and all its colorful hues, evoke feelings of comfort, rich scents, and bold flavor. But do they remind you of invigorating spa treatments? Well, cue the latest trend.


This Fall, it's all about pumpkins -- and pumpkin facials are the cool thing. Aside from being seasonally delicious, pumpkins are great exfoliators and terrific for people with sensitive skin.



Pumpkins are also rich in antioxidants and minerals ... and the seeds provide many health-boosting nutrients. They're also loaded with beta-carotene, fiber, vitamins C and E, potassium and magnesium.



So, considering offering pumpkin treatments (or at least lighting a pumpkin-scented candle) at your property as a way to welcome the season and to give your guests a special treat. While you're at it, pick up several extra towels and robes, chances are you're going to need them!


2015-10-01 08:00:56
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