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Spa Spotlight: The Tranquility Mind & Body Wellness Spa

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It's received the 'Best of Connecticut Award' for Facials and Massage every year since 2005, and there's a reason. The Tranquility Mind & Body Wellness Spa in Milford, Connecticut, has been transforming the mind, body, and spirit for 10 years; it just had its anniversary.


Integrating centuries old modalities with the latest scientific breakthroughs, this spa uses state of the art skin care to provide immediate, discernible, results. Their massage therapies, alongside their yoga and fitness programs, provide union of mind and body. The 6,000 sq ft spa also offers holistic healing, anti-aging skin treatments, purifying and refining body treatments, manicure/pedicure services. waxing, bride-to-be packages, day packages, spa parties, as well as gentlemen's spa treatments. Ladies and men's shower areas feature steam showers, and a hydrotherapy tub for ritual baths.



The spa is also quite tech-savvy, particularly when it comes to guest accessibility. "Part of our social media campaign includes our Mobile app where we can reach clients by text, as well as send specials out by text," explained Mari Orlando Kaszuba, co-owner. "Our booking systems and Facebook pages also allow for on-line booking and gift card purchases."



Given the constant activity, Tranquility relies on Berkshire Amenities Group for robes and peace of mind. "They provide quality products and offer great customer service," said Kaszuba. The spa has been ordering the natural luxe microfibers robe with terry shawl with their logo embroidered on it, since 2004.



"Our clients always comment on how comfortable our robes are. We also get many requests to purchase, especially around the holidays."



To learn more about the The Tranquility Mind & Body Wellness Spa  visit http://www.tranquilwellnessspa.com.


2014-10-06 08:45:17

Spa Spotlight: MEDSPA1064

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Ever want a medical spa treatment but aren't sure if the treatment you want will yield the results you seek? MEDSPA1064 is a specialized medical spa that helps guest choose the right treatments for their particular situation. And it's earned quite the reputation for its advancements in skin rejuvenation treatments and laser hair removal technologies.


"We do a lot of non-surgical skin treatments... we are an alternate to surgical procedures and preventative care as well," said consultant, Gretta Nardelli.



"Clients will read through the website and pick services they want. The first step is a consultation to make sure the services they're requesting is actually what they are looking for. The consultation gets rid of any confusion," she explained. Smart liposuction and body sculpting are the most popularly requested procedures.



MEDSPA1064 is physician run and operated; under the watchful eye of Dr. Michael Janiszewski. "When we're open the physician is here and he's very hands on in every aspect of what we do. We find that quite uncommon with medical saps in general," said Nardelli.



The spa relies of Berkshire Amenities Group Inc. to deliver their unique, sophisticated, experience with quality robes. "Robes are so important to us here; being in a medical/cosmetic facility, our image is everything. We've gone through quite a few companies and the quality of these robes are excellent."



The spa orders grey microfiber robes with pockets from the Berkshire Amenities Group. "The color was suggested to us," said Nardelli. "They're excellent for wear and wash every single day, sometimes multiple times a day.



For more information on the services and the staff at MEDSPA1064 visit http://www.medspa1064.com.


2014-09-08 08:45:39

Spa Spotlight: Hair Success Salon & Spa

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What's the largest city in North Dakota?


Did you guess?



It's Fargo. And it's a good thing Hair Success Salon & Spa has not one but two locations there.



Hair Success opened North Dakota's first day spa back in 1997. Before then it was a hair salon in Ada, Minnesota in 1984. Present day, the spa has grown from one employee to more than 80 and is serving two locations in Fargo -- North and South; each featuring the salon and spa's advanced skin care and medi spa treatments, as well as massage, nails and styling services.



The salon has it's very own training center to help its stylists, spa technicians, massage therapists and nail technicians stay atop the latest trends and techniques. The company prides itself on its commitment to education and it's quality service. The staff lives for what they do.



"Every day is a different day. It's fun to touch people's lives and make them feel better about themselves," said Pam Vadnais, a managing partner.



Vadnais said the spas are consistently busy, which means she needs quality supplies that guests will love. She's been ordering towels, large and small, as well as robes from Berkshire Amenities Group Inc. for at least a decade. "The longevity is wonderful. We turn around so many clients through our spas, they are constantly being washed," explained Vadnais. "We sell them for retail also because so many people like them and you can't find that type of robe in a retail store."



2014-08-25 08:45:44

Spa Spotlight: The Rivers Falls Spa

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Nestled in the heart of downtown Greenville, South Carolina, is a luxurious urban retreat where cosmopolitan flair and historic charm converge. The River Falls Spa quietly ushers guests in then aims to transform their lives by offering a moment of peace among the day-to-day madness.


Founded by Lauren Skelton Siddens, the idea for the spa came about during her own travels. "I've always been athletic and always needed deep tissue therapy and in the past I was into biking and I traveled a lot to resorts within the biking industry for conventions and events," she explained. "I wanted a place that was upscale but gave true therapy that allowed people to change their lives when they came in. I wanted it to be very quiet and relaxed and when they leave to feel their life has improved."



The spa caters to many corporate travelers, celebrities and athletes. Its arranged partnerships with various area businesses. The demanding clientele means Siddens and her team of 20 need to be atop of their game in every way. Plus, being located in such a pedestrian-friendly city means guests can drop in anytime to check availability and make reservations. River Falls has been relying on Berkshire Amenities Group Inc. to provide robes since their very first guest, about eight years ago.



"We've always used their robes with our logo on them. They last a really long time, which is also excellent and they look nice, they feel good. We sell the robes and we also use them in the lockers," said Siddens, of style 777, embroidered microfiber with terry lining in stone. "We love the way the logo looks and the clients love the robes. We've always had a positive response."



The 5,000 sq ft spa offers various opportunities to get comfy and leave feeling glorious. The Micronized Crystalline Gemstones facial and Signature Body Polish are just a couple of ways guests may reinvigorate their day.



To view the full suite of signature services or learn more about River Falls Spa, visit www.riverfallsspa.com.


2014-07-28 09:02:05

Spa Spotlight: The Kura Door

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It's a Japanese Holistic Spa in Salt Lake City, Utah; an unusual find. The Kura Door is a mix of Japanese, European and American philosophies. And when you hear it's story - you'll want to hop on a plane and go there.


The tale begins in high school, when sweethearts Mark and Ali decided to part amicably and embark on new experiences. Ali went off to pursue holistic and alternative medicine and Mark to work with his family and travel intermittently to Japan. Years later, they reunited. Together, Mark and Ali (now) Kulmer pulled from their strengths and backgrounds to open their spa, which offers a unique blend of Japanese baths, massage therapy, facials, body wraps, yoga, tai chi and meditation classes. The spa is centered on the tradition of healing and rejuvenation and incorporates nature and the artistry of Japanese culture into its wellness and beauty practices. In fact, kura, in Japanese refers to a storehouse, a space used to safely keep ones prized possessions. The entry door to the spa is a heavy antique kura door imported from Japan.



The Kura Door Spa has done much research on everything from its services to its products and offerings. It's been at least 7 years that Berkshire Amenities Group Inc. (BAGI) has been supplying robes. "I love the quality of our robes and they really last," says Sara Vanderhoof, Spa Director. "Every client that comes in we give a robe to. Sometimes we go through 110 robes a day and we have to wash them after every use and they really last."



The Kura Door also purchases a lot of towels, hand towels and wash cloths" from BAGI. "The towels are fluffy and fold really well," she says. "They're beautiful."



Salt Lake City, anyone?


2014-06-23 09:00:59