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New Year, New Sheets

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Every year around this time we receive inquiries from bed and breakfast innkeepers wondering what types of sheets they should consider for their B&B or inn. While there is no shortage on options, we have two brands we like to refer for their quality, easy laundering, and durability:


Down Inc. - Based in Michigan, Down Inc. is a manufacturing company specializing in down and feather bedding products for the residential, design and hospitality trades. It was founded in 1963 and offers an extensive product line, which includes really terrific sheets. Their soft luxurious 100% cotton sheets and pillowcases are made of 310-thread long-staple cotton in a sateen weave. Their fitted sheets have a universal elastic finish with 14" deep pockets, which is ideal for inns that need sheets that fit well and stay snuggly in place.



EcoLuxe - These microfiber bed linens look and feel like 600-thread count cotton and are unremarkably soft and breathable. They feature an extra fine weave, which protects against dust mite allergies. They are also eco-friendly, highly sustainable, and 100% recyclable. Guaranteed for 300-washes, EcoLuxe is fast-drying, extremely energy efficient, and doesn't require ironing.



To learn about these linens in more detail, please call us at 1 (413) 229-8200 ext 17.




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How to make your inn's beds more comfortable

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A great night's sleep can have a big impact on your guests. In fact, they're less likely to toss and turn with a few slight modifications. While each guest is different. Here are four tips to create a more restful experience:


1. Consider a mattress pad. Adding a mattress pad to a bed is one of the easiest ways to increase comfort. Mattress pads can help provide support and cushion the body, relieving aches and pains. The extra layer of material underneath the sheet also delivers a real touch of luxury.



2. Upgrade your sheets. Selecting weather-appropriate fabrics will dramatically improve the comfort level of your guests. Dress your beds with lightweight sheets in summer or warmer climates and flannel or warmer fabrics in cooler environments.



3. Provide many pillows. Choose fluffy bedding made using natural fibers and also be sure to provide guests with pillows that vary in firmness. While most guests seek a fluffy bed, they differ in their pillow needs. By representing a few options on the bed, you present a stress-free way for a guest to feel in control of their experience.



4. Stay cozy. Even in warmer months, guests want to feel cozy in their sleep. Much like with pillows, it's important to provide different blanket options; like a lightweight blanket, a heavier blanket, and a comforter or duvet. Stashing an extra blanket in a guest closet also adds another opportunity for warmth and comfort.


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A Talk with Down Inc. General Manager, Donna McLin

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Did you know your choice in bedding products can help preserve the environment? Down Inc. an industry leader that specializes in down and feather bedding products is the only company in the U.S. that controls the quality of the natural fill material from the farm through the manufactured finished good.


"We are owned by Maple Leaf Farms in Leesburg, Indiana. Our feathers travel 117 miles to get to us. If we were sourcing our down and feather from Asia, it would be traveling over 6,000 miles to get to us to then get to customers," explained Donna McLin, General Manager with Down Inc. "There's a much smaller carbon foot print with our bedding."



Many people know of Down Inc., after all the company, which is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been in business for more than 50 years. But not as many people know how unique they are when it comes to vertical integration. "We manage the down and feather material from source to finished goods. It all remains within our corporate structure," said McLin. Maple Farms is the largest producer of duck meat in the United States. "The feathers are byproduct of the business. The ducks are grown for consumption... it's a great example of upcycling."



When it comes to the hospitality sector, down comforters and sleeping pillows are best sellers. "Research shows one of the single most important things to guests in terms of looking back at hotel and B&B experience is the quality of the pillow they had to sleep on. Pillows are extremely important to all types of travelers," she said.



McLin also said it’s important to have pillows for every type of guest. “Some want to fluff up and position the pillow as they sleep, so they’ll need a soft an squishy down pillow.” The rule is – the more feather, the firmer the pillow. The more down, the softer it will be.



The company is proud of its craftsmanship and the team behind it. “We are manufacturing in the U.S. post Recession. Consumers are more aware we need to keep jobs in the U.S. We do our manufacturing here in Michigan, which allows us to employ more people than if we were importing finished goods.”



For more information on Down Inc. products visit: http://www.berkshireamenitiesgroup.com/down-bedding or Down Inc. at http://www.downinc.com/


2014-07-31 10:41:16

Create an allergen-free zone for your guests

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Summer can be a real challenge for bed and breakfasts and spa guests with allergies. It’s important to be able to offer your guests a reprieve from allergens so they can enjoy their visit and want to come back again. While it may not be possible to minimize allergy triggers in common areas, your guest’s room is a great place to outsmart the season.

Here’s how:

Create a barrier. Dust mites and allergens that are invisible to the human eye are everywhere. A guestroom is a great place to set some boundaries. Cover your mattress, box spring and pillows with specially designed covers that lock out allergens and seal in cleanliness.

Go hypoallergenic. Get the look and feel of down blankets, comforters or pillows with a down alternative hypoallergenic filling. Or, if most of your guests don’t have allergies, consider keeping a few hypoallergenic options aside for any guest who might need them and score extra points for your thoughtfulness.

Clean the air. Consider setting aside one room at your inn that is first available to allergy sufferers. In this room, eliminate any excess fabric and upholstery. If possible remove the carpet too (you can always out down a small area rug). If your inn is pet-friendly keep pets out of this particular room and invest in a vacuum with a HEPA air filter to cleanse the air of dust and dander.


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