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Prevent Chilly Nights with Warmer Linens

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The temperature is starting to cool down, in some places nighttime is already downright chilly. Innkeepers know all too well, how tricky it can be to find the perfect temperature to appease every guest. Since your guests cannot always control their environment, they can control how they respond to it, with a little help from you:

  1. Start by incorporating a mattress pad. A mattress pad will set the foundation for your bed and also provide a fundamental layer of warmth.

  2. Next add linens and provide several blankets -- one on the bed, one displayed in the room (draped over a chair, folded within eyesight, etc.) and one or two more in an accessible linen closet -- this allows guests to add warmth and strip layers quickly, easily and independently.

  3. Provide a light comforter or duvet and keep a heavier comforter or duvet ready-to-go in a linen closet. The idea is to save the heavier duvet for when it's truly needed and curb unnecessary use at times when the lighter option is best.

  4. Lastly, provide many different shapes and sizes of pillows ... not only will this help guests choose the perfect pillow for a good night's sleep but the collection can help provide and trap additional warmth.




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Back to (Hospitality) Basics

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'Tis the season for starting anew. As schools prepare to open their doors, bed and breakfasts and spas are also gearing up to welcome a new season, and with that comes replenished amenities.


It's important for B&Bs and spas to feature quality towelsbed sheetsslippers, and robes, among other high-end furnishings. The caliber of your linens will greatly impact the experience your guests have at your property. Soft, plush, and luxurious textures will help your guests have a memorable experience that's recalled fondly long after they've gone.



Berkshire Amenities truly understands that quality is paramount -- and that it significantly impacts your bottom line. When you choose high quality linens and amenities, you're not only showing the guest that you care, but you're also extending the life of your purchase.



Take a look at our luxurious towels, wide selection of quality robes (which may be customized with your company's logo or initials), slippers, fine bedding options, and more. Please call (413) 229-8200 ext 17 or email us with any questions. We're eager to help your guests feel right at home.


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Sewn-Through Vs. Baffle

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While most people are familiar with duvet inserts, we are often asked the difference between a duvet with a sewn-through boxstitch and a baffle boxstitch. Here's a quick way to tell these apart:


Duvet inserts that use a sewn-through construction have seams that run all the way through the duvet, keeping both sides of the shell together. Sewn-though constructionhelps to keep the down or down-alternative in place. Sewn-through duvet inserts are great, particularly for warmer temperatures.  



Duvet inserts that use baffle construction have strips of fabric inside that form a divide that helps to keep the down or down-alternative in its place. Duvet inserts with baffles tend to cost more than sewn-through duvets since their construction ensures that there are less cold spots in the duvet. Baffle construction is great for cold temperatures and is said to be the best construction for ultimate warmth.



For more information on duvets click here to send us an email or call us with questions at 413-229-8200 Ext. 17.


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