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B&B Spotlight: Elk Cove Inn & Spa

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Nestled atop a secluded bluff overlooking a mile of dramatic beachfront, the Elk Cove Inn & Spa is a craftsman-style mansion built in 1883 by the L.E. White Lumber Co. as the mill's superintendent's home. It is also one of the first inns on the Mendocino coast.


Set back from the road, surrounded by native trees, a creek, and the ocean - the breathtaking estate offers private stairs to the driftwood-strewn beach below.



Guests will often see migrating whales and otters at play just steps from their room or from the inn's gazebo. And while wireless internet access is available throughout, there is no cell phone reception, which means you're in for a real vacation. It's really all about capturing the moment. In fact, the inn's been rated Sunset Top 10 B&Bs in the West. It also features a European-style day spa.



With a top-notch reputation to uphold, Elaine Bryant, owner of the Elk Cove Inn & Spa, can't take any chances on guest amenities. She keeps two monogrammed robes in each guest room. "We stock size large and special order other sizes," she explained. The robes are very popular. "We also have them for sale in our gift shop - with and without monogram."



The shawl robes, obtained through Berkshire Amenities Group, add a special touch to the experience. Bryant gives rave reviews. "Great price, excellent service, good quality, beautiful colors."



Want to experience it all for yourself? Then take a trip to one of the best kept secrets on the Northern California coast! The property is 150-miles North of San Francisco and 15-miles south of Mendocino.



To purchase shawl robes for your inn or spa call the Berkshire Amenities Group at (413) 229-8200 x17 or send an email to us here.



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B&B Spotlight: The Lotus Guesthouse

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Perched on the tip of Cape Cod, is the picturesque town of Provincetown, Massachusetts. Among its narrow streets, unique architecture, and old world fishing fleets, you'll find the Lotus Guesthouse -- a charming yet contemporary lodging oasis.


The guesthouse features eleven guestrooms, many of which can be turned into two-to-three bedroom suites; all of which were renovated about 5 years ago. Situated on the second and third floors above a clothing boutique, the guesthouse has been reconfigured and reinvigorated, adding bathrooms and several fireplaces throughout the property.



"When we got the building 25 years ago we opened an Indonesian restaurant downstairs and called it The Lotus Cafe. The building came with a guesthouse," explained Gurli Lovinger, who co-owns the guesthouse with her husband. While Gurli is Danish, she and her husband, a New Yorker, would frequently travel to Indonesia. On one trip, they hired a cook and returned to open the cafe, which would later resurface as a clothing store for Lovinger, who also designs clothes. Ultimately, they released the storefront. A new clothing boutique now occupies the space and the guesthouse remains above it.



With its stellar, long-earned, reputation the Lotus Guesthouse relies on the Berkshire Amenities Group for its towels. Lovinger opts for the Green Earth Eco Towels. "They dry faster and with the green effect, we use less towels. They have more fluff and less substance," she said.



The Lovinger's have been turning to BAGI for more than 5 years. "They always ship promptly, always have inventory, and that's what we need."



Lotus is always busy. Situated 40-miles out to sea and surrounded by 40,000-acres of unspoiled beaches, sand dunes and forests, the area welcomes guests year-round that are drawn to the earthy environment and natural beauty.



For additional information on The Lotus Guesthouse, visit: http://www.lotusguesthouse.com.


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B&B Spotlight: Bayfront Marin House Bed and Breakfast Inn

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Across the Matanzas Bay in Florida, in the heart of St. Augustine's historic district, is the award-winning Bayfront Marin House Bed and Breakfast Inn.


The B&B is a waterfront gem. Bayfront Marin is directly across from the seawall and just a few blocks from the historic fort, Castillo de San Marco. The B&B features private entrances, individual thermostats for every room, and the ultimate in privacy and comfort.



"We bought the inn in September 2010. We'd wanted to do it for a long time," said Sandy Wieber, who co-owns the inn with her husband, Mike. "We put together a five year plan and it took us 14."



Originally from Maryland, the Wieber's had always wanted to  run a bed and breakfast. "We thought we'd be in New Jersey. We'd renovated houses there and it was closer to our families," said Sandy. But all that changed during a business trip to Orlando and a much needed weekend getaway-for-two the weekend prior when the couple fell in love with St. Augustine. "We met a wonderful realtor who was such a help. Darlene Armstrong specializes in B&Bs and if she sells a B&B she consults for free for the first year and it was a year round inn. It was a no-brainer."



While the Weiber's had always pictured a small inn, they ended up with 15 rooms right on the water; plus a handful of additional cottages on Vilano Beach. "When we saw it, everything fell into place," said Sandy.



Their first mission: to upgrade the guest bathrooms. St. Augustine is the oldest city in the country built out of coquina, a porous material and the same material the fort is built of,  as well as much of the material used throughout the inn, explained Sandy. "It's not easy to hang curtain rods into it," explained Sandy. The inn already had lovely bedrooms, great hardwood floors and distinctive moldings but the Wieber's really wanted spa-like bathrooms. The renovation complete, the bathrooms are now beautiful and modern -- some still offer exposed coquina, others have dual shower heads or body jets and most have Jacuzzi tubs.



Next were the towels. "When we decided to change towels we ordered from four or five places. We brought them to our house and used them ourselves and washed them 25 times in a row, then picked our favorite," said Sandy, who made marks on the labels to ensure a true blind test. And the winner? Berkshire Amenities Group Inc.'s collection of Monarch Green Earth Eco Towels. "They're so soft, so much more absorbent and dry so quickly. We get comments all the time and they go with our whole strategy."



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B&B Spotlight: The Avalon Hotel and Aurora Hotel & Spa

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Santa Catalina Island, often called Catalina Island, is a rocky paradise off the coast of California. The island, in all its splendor, is just 22 miles long and 8 miles wide. It's an oasis of lush tropical landscape. And it's where you'll find The Avalon Hotel and the Aurora Hotel & Spa -- Catalina's premiere boutique hotels.


The Avalon was originally built as a hotel in 1926. "It had 27 rooms and bathrooms down the hall. We remodeled the place 11 years ago and turned it into 15 rooms with bathrooms," said Kathleen Gosselin, hotel group partner. "We went with a craftsman theme and integrated history and local art as much as possible."



The hotel also offers a 360-degree vista of Catalina and its charming harbor. A captivating fountain in the Garden Patio and Koi pond are just some of its many accouterments, and the gathering nook for the complimentary continental breakfasts. You'll also find a fire pit, secluded seating and intricate landscaping at the hotel, among modern conveniences and early Californian architecture.



The Aurora Hotel & Spa is sleek, cool and inspired by the sea; it combines Catalina bed and breakfast hospitality with a metropolitan boutique hotel feel. A third floor roof deck offers sweeping views of Catalina Island and the Pacific Ocean.



"The Aurora was remodeled 6 and a half years ago," explained Gosselin. "In 1961 it was built as a hotel. We opened the downstairs and made a larger lobby and added rooms."



Both hotels rely on Berkshire Amenities Group Inc. to provide robes for every room. "We love the robes and the value is wonderful," said Gosselin, of the microfiber and terry lined robes. "They feel very plush and decadent."



Gosselin has been ordering from Amy Jeschawitz for at least four years, since meeting at a Professional Association of Innkeepers International conference and later at a California Association of Boutique & Breakfast Inns convention. "Amy is just fabulous; always bubbly and up and just a fun spirit and enjoyable to work with. I love her. She's knowledgeable about her product."



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B&B Spotlight: The Happy Landing Inn

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What's in a name? Well, at Happy Landing Inn that's self-explanatory. This seven room bed and breakfast tucked in the heart of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, has been delighting guests since it was first built in 1926 as a summer retreat by two sisters. In the 1940s it became a real inn.


Composed of a trio of buildings that surround an interior garden courtyard, the inn is outstanding. And just a handful of months ago it underwent a major renovation and redecoration, incorporating new furnishings, flat screen TVs, Blue Ray DVD players, modern bathroom amenities, iPod docking stations an much more. To add an extra special touch -- each room is now filled with decor, quotes and memorabilia in honor of American icons.



Also new: the luxurious robes and slippers. "I met the owner of this company [Berkshire Amenities Group Inc.] years ago at CABBI [California Association of Boutique & Breakfast Inns] conference; liked him and his products," said Dawn Dull, co-owner and co-innkeeper. "We purchased them for another B&B I was manager of, and I was very excited to be able to offer them to our guests here at Happy Landing."



The robes - white embroidered microfiber with terry lining (style 777) and closed toe velour slippers are making a fantastic first impression.



"This was our initial order, so less than 6-months," said Dull. "However we do hope to feature the robes for purchase, not only in the lobby but perhaps with a romance package attached."



For Dull, the service also adds to the experience. "Everyone I've dealt with along the way has been patient, efficient and possess great customer service skills. Sometimes with start up orders there's a lot of delay and back and forth in the order process, on our part; they were considerate of our needs and just kept coming up with solutions and answers to our questions."



In fact, Dull encourages other B&Bs to consider their own embroidered robe. "This is an amenity that guests truly appreciate," she said. "Saves them so much room in their suitcase, feels great, makes a wonderful, not to mention useful, souvenir."



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