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Green Earth Towels

Green Earth towels

Green Earth® towels are manufactured using Extra Long Staple (ELS) cotton, which has a much higher fiber strength compared to the regular cotton normally used for towels. The loops are snag-free, so there are no pulled threads during washing. Independent tests carried out by Pert & Alexander, a reputable laundry consultant, show that Green Earth® towels have very little weight loss after repeated laundering. Therefore, the towels should last up to 30% longer than conventional towels.

Highly Absorbent

Highly Absorbent
Because of the open structure of the pile loops, each fiber in the loop acts as a capillary, enabling better absorption. Hence, Green Earth® towels absorb 10-12 times their weight in water, as opposed to 5 times by a ring-spun, combed-cotton towel of the same weight.

Energy Saver

Faster Drying
The open structure creates more surface area, resulting in a faster drying time. Green Earth® towels 10-20% faster than regular cotton towels, conserving valuable energy and saving laundry costs.

Because Green Earth® towels have better loadability, 30% more towels* can be accommodated in every wash/dry cycle. Hence, up to 30% less water, energy and laundry chemicals are needed. Green Earth® towels also have better soil release and extraction properties. The higher loadability, coupled with quicker drying time and other superior properties, make Green Earth® towels a great source of energy conservation for your property, saving up to 30% in energy each time they are washed and dried.

*As compared between a typical 17 lb ring spun cotton towel and a 12.5 lb Green Earth® towel.

Soft and Luxurious

Soft & Luxurious
Green Earth® towels are extremely soft, due to the Extra Long Staple (ELS) cotton used in their construction. The open structure of the pile loops ensures that a needle structure is not formed, so the towels remain soft, even after many washings, and generate almost no lint in the drying cycle.

Bulky Yet Light

Bulky, Yet Light
Use of fine-quality ELS cotton enables the yarn to be spun bulkier, so that finished Green Earth® towels have loops that are 1.65 times bulkier than the loops of a regular cotton towel. This provides a luxurious, thick & thirsty towel for your guests that also saves energy and operational costs.

Life Cycle Thinking

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