More women are traveling for business and leisure than ever before. Young, mature, single, married, divorced and widowed -- women, of all walks of life, are calling the shots within the travel industry. In fact, 80% of all travel decisions are made by women, according to the Gutsy Traveler. Given the varied age ranges, how does an innkeeper attempting to welcome each type of traveler satisfy their many different needs? Well, since the common denominator is gender, we asked several women travelers what they look for and found they had several preferences in common, such as:

Little Indulgences. Most men don't pay too much attention to how plush your towels may be or the scent of your carefully packaged soap, but most women do. It's important that you choose your amenities carefully. Select attractive-looking bottles and packages with soaps and shampoos that lather well and smell great. Make sure your robes are high quality and soft and when possible choose eco-friendly towels and other products that further extend your appeal and highlight your attention to the guest and to our shared environment.

Flowers. Fresh flowers show a guest that you care and that you're on top of things... after all, those flowers need to be perfectly trimmed and frequently watered. If your floral budget is small, that's fine -- a single flower in a bud vase will make a charming and lasting impression.

Quality Bedding. High-quality, luxurious sheets, are a must-have for the woman traveler. It's important that your sheets fit the bed snugly and that you provide many layers for warmth that are easily removable. You'll also want to have additional blankets in an easily identifiable location within the room. Similarly, great pillows are essential to ensure a restful sleep.

Lots of Hangers. Women often like to unpack right away and hang their clothes. It can be frustrating when there aren't enough hangers, particularly if drawers are narrow. If possible, provide many hangers and have an excellent iron and ironing board readily available.

Vanity Space. Makeup mirrors and jewelry trays are little things that make a big impact with women travelers. Many women feel it's really nice to be able to take off their jewelry and place it in a pretty and confined space and not have to worry about an earring rolling off a night stand. Make up mirrors can help tired travelers look their best, as they pop back to their rooms after a day filled with activities to change for a night on the town.

While women are making more of the travel choices, men also account for much travel. To appease both groups, keep your towels and robes mostly gender neutral; pick whites and creams. If most of your blankets are blue create a counter balance with a different color flower, for instance. In the end, excellent customer service and a welcoming environment are sure to create a memorable experience for all of your travelers.


2015-12-07 08:00:24