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Here Comes Relay … the Robot

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You might recall back in September we told you about Relay, a 3 ft tall rolling robot that several hotels were beginning to test for the delivery of things like extra towels, toiletries, and so forth. Well, that robot, made by a company in Silicon Valley called Savioke, may be coming to a hotel near you. Savioke is rolling out the model to several hotels around the world where the robots will be tasked with delivering toothpaste and coffee to guests.

Apparently, the Relay fleet made quite an impression during the test run -- more than 11,000 deliveries last year, which added up to more than 70 marathons or 3,000 kilometers, according to TechCrunch.

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2016-03-21 14:42:00

Save Water with Green Earth Eco Towels

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Categories: Towels , Spa , Bed and Breakfast

The cost of laundering towels for a bed and breakfast or spa can be quite sizable -- particularly in Western states where water is scarce and priced accordingly. If you want to save on laundering and spare the Earth too, take a look at our Green Earth Eco Towels.

The eco-friendly towels are incredibly soft and stylish and help to lower one's carbon footprint without sacrificing texture and style. Meticulously crafted in a state-of-the-art facility, the superfine extra-long staple cotton helps reduce the impact on the environment. As a result, these towels are 160% thicker and more absorbent than traditional combed cotton towels. They use less water, less detergent, and less time.

2016-03-14 13:47:25

Is Your Inn Ready for Spring?

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Categories: linens , Robes , Bed and Breakfast

The changing of the seasons tends to make the to-do list a little bit longer. Heavier comforters are replaced with lighter ones, rugs get deep cleaned, and all around things are shifting. Here are three ways to quickly give your inn a refreshed look so that you may welcome the season, and more importantly, your guests.


Outsmart Allergens: Spring allergies can make your most jovial guest plain miserable. A good night's sleep will do wonders. Take a look at the EcoLuxe Microfiber Sheets. These performance microfiber sheets feel like 600 thread count cotton, are incredibly soft, and very breathable. They contain an extra fine weave, which protects your guests from dust mite allergies. Plus, they're eco-friendly and the highly sustainable linens are 100% recyclable and energy efficient. These sheets dry more quickly, cutting down on your water use, and electric bill. They also use less detergent and don't require any ironing.



Change Your Scents: Have you tried the Duck Island Embossed Soap (pictured above) from our new Bath and Body Collection? Duck Island provides a luxurious experience and the perfect scent for Spring. The round, 20g, soap comes inside a recyclable cellophane wrap. You may even want to tuck a few of these into drawers to serve as sachets.



Wrap It Up: Swap your winter robes for lighter robes and consider adding spa wraps for guest ease and convenience. A Classic Waffle Kimono Robe feels lighter on the skin and is particularly comfortable as the weather warms. Spa wraps offer a quick over up for adults too -- without the added weight of a robe.


2016-03-08 08:45:58

SPRING TREND: Wellness Travel

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Category: Trend

Constant stress, hours logged over a computer screen, and lackluster diets are paving the way for wellness travel this Spring. Is your bed and breakfast or spa ready to ease those troubles away? You might want to double your efforts, actually. Another trend this Spring ... is traveling with one child at a time.


Mindfulness and meditation will see a boost in schools, and on parent-child boding activities. In fact, the niche is expected to be one of the travel industry's most significant area of growth, encompassing spa visits and lodging.



Activities like child-friendly yoga, mommy-and-me massages, and family vacations that focus on wellness and organic eating are likely to draw crowds.


2016-03-01 08:45:01

Warmest Robes for Coldest Winters

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Categories: Robes , Spa , Bed and Breakfast

It may be cold outside... but not in here! Berkshire Amenities offers many warm bathrobes to keep your guests cozy on cold winter days and nights. There's nothing better for a guest than to step out of the shower to a fluffy, welcoming, robe. We're often asked which are our warmest robes. Here are our top three robes, in terms of warmth:


Plus Lined Microfiber Robes: Microfiber is a fabric that's often been used by outdoor enthusiasts because the material wicks moisture away from the body, helping the body to retain heat in cooler temperatures. Our Plush Lined Microfiber robes are very soft to the touch. The shell is made of true microfiber and the lining is 100% micro-plush polyester. The robes feel incredibly cozy and luxurious -- and are machine washable. We have these robes in different styles, like the Microfiber Shawl Lined in Plush and the Diamond Waffle Shawl Lined in Plush.



Terry Velour Robes: These robes are made from heavy weight 100% cotton terry velour, which is a knitted material that keeps the body warm and feels as smooth as velvet. It is also easily machine washable and comes in various styles -- some with fully lined hoods, others with elegant pinstripespleat backs and pockets, or shawl collars and piping accents.



Plush Lined Corduroy Robes: The word corduroy comes from the French phrase corde du roi, which translated literally means "cord of the king." The material is made of twisted fibers, making corduroy warm, breathable, and very comfortable. Our Corduroy Microfiber Lined Robe is made of 100% microfiber corduroy fabric lined in soft ultra-plush polyester. Like the others, this robe is also machine washable.



Still unsure which is the warmest robe for your inn or spa? We're happy to help! Call: 413-229-8200; dial extension 18 for Maria and extension 17 for Trisha or send us an email now.


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2016-02-22 09:00:52

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